HMI utilizes two software packages to attract a diverse network of CNC programmers. The first software package, Mastercam, is the most widely used CAD/CAM software in the world. Mastercam X8 reduces our programming time while providing us with fast and efficient milling solutions.

Mastercam Logo

Mastercam 2D3D Mill

Mastercam X8 multiaxis machining allows complete control over toolpath types, tool motion, and tool axis.



Mastercam Solid Modeling
Mastercam’s solid modeling enables CNC programmers to mix and match modeling techniques such as adding surface or wireframe elements to a solid.


Our second software package, SurfCAM 2014 R2 is an industry leader in CNC programming. From the simplest 2 Axis program, to the most complex 4/5 Axis challenge, SurfCAM offers the features necessary to complete a successful machining project.

Surf CAM Logo

Surf CAM 3 Axis Mill
With the ability to generate efficient and effective tool paths, SurfCAM can handle the most complex surface machining challenge.

Surf CAM 5 Axis Mill
SurfCAM supports advanced 5 axis machining features such as swarf cutting with taperd tools, collision checking, and gouge avoidance.